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February 2024 Newsletter

Three terracotta pots with young plants on a wooden deck, in daylight. The saucer under each planter is filled with dark water.
Plant saucers filled with water are excellent mosquito breeding sources. Dump the water so mosquitoes cannot grow!

Mosquitoes grow in cool weather, too!

Many people know that mosquitoes are especially bothersome during the warmer, summer months.  However, mosquitoes can breed year-round, even in cooler weather.  While their life cycle may take longer in cooler weather, they are still around and growing in a variety of water sources. Our staff have been finding mosquito larvae in backyard sources throughout the County. All the rain might have you staying inside a bit more, but don't forget to check for and dump out any standing water where mosquitoes might be breeding! 

Check your rain barrel

Have a rain barrel? Check for mosquito larvae! To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your rainwater collection containers, cover each container snugly with window screening. Already have larvae or are unsure if you have larvae? We can check! Please fill out a service request or give us a call.

(Don't have a rain barrel, but interested in one? Check out Flows to Bay's rebate program!)

Computer generated image of a rain barrel top with a small hole in the mesh.  Little mosquito larvae are in the water, and adult mosquitoes are flying out.  The text reads "Rain barrels can breed mosquitoes. Check today that your rain barrel is securely screened. Not sure if you already have little larvae growing into adult mosquitoes? We can check!"  "650-344-8592" "Mosquito control is a taxpayer-funded service."
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