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For Businesses

The services we provide to residents are also available to local businesses, including:

  • rodent inspections
  • mosquito inspections and larval mosquito control
  • insect and pest identification
  • yellowjacket nest treatment and/or removal
  • mosquito fish delivery
  • general advice and recommendations
  • trainings and presentations

If you would like to request any of these services for your business, please contact the District at 650-344-8592 or by making a service request online.


Integrated Pest Management for Schools

The US Environmental Protection Agency has a wealth of information on integrated pest management for schools. You can access this information, including webinars and other training information, on their website at

Integrated Pest Management for Agricultural Areas

For information on preventing mosquitoes on farms and ranches, please consult Managing Mosquitoes on the Farm (a publication of the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources).

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