January 2021 District Newsletter

New from the District in January: 2020 in Review

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Laboratory Receives Reports of Dead Pine Siskins

It seems as if 2020 needed to squeeze in a bit more bad news as the year comes to an end. The District as well as the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) have observed a high number of dead bird calls describing a sparrow-like bird.  SMCMVCD laboratory staff have identified these birds to be Pine Siskins (Spinus pinus), which can often be confused for other finches or even American sparrows. Pine siskins are fairly small with yellow patches on the wings and a short, forked tail.


December 2020 District Newsletter

New from the District in November: Happy Holidays from SMCMVCD

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It’s Termite Season

If you take walks in the early morning or evening you may have recently seen clouds of fluttering insects rising from the ground. They don’t fly well, but when backlit by the sun, it makes you think of quiet days sitting by a lake in the morning mist.

If only they weren’t termites.


November 2020 District Newsletter

New from the District in November: Rain Returns to San Mateo County

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