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Invasive Nutria in California

During February, rodents made the news in a big way in California. However, these weren’t the familiar rats and mice that plague homeowners. Invasive nutria, native to South America, had been reported in California for the first time since the 1970s.

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Mosquito-Proofing Your Spring Break

T-shirts, keychains, and new friendships make great spring break souvenirs, but how about dengue, chikungunya, Zika, and yellow fever? Getting sick on vacation is bad enough, but travelers face an even scarier prospect – bringing mosquito-borne illnesses back into their communities.


March 2018 District Newsletter

This month from SMCMVCD: Mosquito-Proofing Your Spring Break.

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Coyotes Cause Concern

As coyotes become an increasingly common sight in urban and suburban neighborhoods, some residents have become concerned. Although coyotes are naturally shy and elusive, they’re also smart. Individual coyotes can learn by experience, and unfortunately the lessons many residents are teaching them are ones that will get them into trouble.

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Don’t Take Chances with Rabies

Human rabies infections in the United States are exceptionally rare. However, in January a Florida 6-year-old died of the virus after exposure to a sick bat. According to news stories, his family was not aware of the risk of rabies.


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