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Our Mission and Vision

The District logo, which is a orange square with blue shading and has a darker blue mosquito outline in it

Mission Statement

To safeguard the health and comfort of the citizens of San Mateo County through a science-based program of integrated vector management.

Vision Statement

We are an agency that protects public health through a science-based program of integrated vector management, which is responsive to the community, and prepared to adapt to new challenges.


1.    Reduce or eliminate host-seeking vector populations and maintain consistency in control operations by evaluating vector populations before and after they are carried out.
2.    Use scientific methods to evaluate the distribution of vectors and vector-borne diseases in nature and work toward preventing the occurrence of human cases among District residents.
3.    Engage in research and development to optimize the District’s ability to carry out its mission with available resources.
4.    Maintain a highly motivated, productive staff that is aware of, and has access to, the latest materials, technologies, and techniques in vector control.
5.    Ensure residents are aware of the District’s Integrated Vector Management Program and cooperate with recommendations to reduce populations of vectors and minimize the risk to human health posed by vectors.
6.    Ensure that residents are aware of District services, utilize them as needed, and are satisfied with the service they receive.
7.    Cultivate strong, mutually beneficial relationships with local, state, county, and federal agencies.
8.    Conduct all aspects of District business in a transparent and accountable manner.
9.    Adequately maintain the District’s physical assets and keep them up to date with the best technology available.
10.    Anticipate and be prepared to respond to future scientific, operational, and financial challenges.
11.    Ensure that the Board of Trustees operates in an ethical manner, makes sound decisions based on current and complete information, and has the capacity to lead the agency effectively.
12.    Ensure that District finances are adequately managed to provide for long term financial stability and sustainability.

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