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The following is a list of brochures we have available for distribution. All brochures may be printed and duplicated at leisure. There are no copyrights on any of our brochures.

For a complimentary packet of our brochures, please call 650-344-8592 and specify which brochures to be mailed.

District Services


Mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquito brochureMosquito fact sheetDon't grow mosquitoes!  A checklist.Home mosquito inspection checklistWest Nile VirusInvasive mosquitoes fact sheetTreehole mosquitoes fact sheetMosquito lookalikes fact sheetMosquitofish fact sheet


Ticks and tick-borne diseases

Tick brochureTick fact sheetTick wallet cardRodent prevention booklet



Wildlife brochureWildlife fact sheetWildlife - don't feedBat fact sheetRaccoon latrine fact sheetRaccoon bookletTurkey brochure



Yellowjacket brochureYellowjacket fact sheet
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