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Request Mosquito Fish for your Backyard Pond or Water Garden

    Photograph of hands in water scooping up many small fish.

    Mosquito fish can be delivered to any resident of San Mateo County. In most cases, deliveries can be made as early as the next business day.

    For those residents outside of San Mateo County, mosquito fish can be picked up at our office during our office hours of 8:00 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. When picking up fish, please call ahead to check our supply and bring a bucket or a container to put the fish into.

    Information we will need:

    • Name, street address, nearest cross street, zip code, and day-time phone number
    • Size of your fishpond(s)
    • Has your pond water been treated for chloramines? Chloramines are an additive in our tap water system that are toxic to fish and reptiles. Unlike chlorine, chloramine does not evaporate through time and therefore must be removed before it can be a habitable environment for fish. Before requesting a mosquito fish delivery, please make sure your pond has been treated for chloramines. Chloramine treatment kits can be found at aquarium or pet supply stores.

    If you do not need your mosquito fish anymore, DO NOT release the fish into creeks or any other natural water sources. It is against California Department of Fish and Game regulations for private citizens to place mosquito fish in waters of the state. Please give us a call at 650-344-8592 so we can pick up any unwanted mosquito fish.

    See more information on mosquito fish.



    Page last reviewed: July 10, 2024

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