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 Tick Identification

Three ticks, two adult ticks are light brown and dark brown with 8 legs each. A third immature tick is much smaller (only the size of the head of an adult tick) and light brown/yellow colored.

If you have found a tick on yourself or your pet and want to have it identified, please take the following steps to preserve your specimen for identification:

  • Do not kill the tick
  • Put the live tick in a plastic bag or container with a piece of moist paper towel to provide humidity
  • Write down the location (street address, park name, or trail name) where you think you got the tick
  • If the tick was attached to your skin, note approximately how long it was attached

Submit a service request or stop by our office (M-F, 8-4:30) to arrange for the tick identification.


Photo courtesy of the California Department of Public Health.


Page last reviewed: June 21, 2021

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