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April 2023 Newsletter

Dump standing water now to prevent mosquitoes later!

Graphic of a green succulent plant in a pot on a saucer. The saucer is holding water. There is a magnified part of the water showing mosquito eggs in the water.  Adult mosquitoes are flying around.  The text reads "Water in saucers can grow mosquitoes. Dump the water at least once a week to keep mosquitoes away."  District logo is in lower right corner.

​After so much rain, many of us are hoping for a few sunny days to spend time outside.  I​f you are spending time in your yard, please check around your yard and home for any containers holding water. Dump out standing water to prevent mosquito breeding. Check for water in plant saucers, buckets, tires, barrels, folds in tarps and grill covers, and any place where water can collect!

As the weather warms and the rain slows, remember to dump out water at least once a week.  In warm weather, a mosquito can grow from egg to adult in as little as one week!


Check your rain barrel screens and covers

Computer generated image of a rain barrel top with a small hole in the mesh.  Little mosquito larvae are in the water, and adult mosquitoes are flying out.  The text reads "Rain barrels can breed mosquitoes. Check today that your rain barrel is securely screened. Not sure if you already have little larvae growing into adult mosquitoes? We can check!"  "650-344-8592" "Mosquito control is a taxpayer-funded service."

Rain barrels are a great way to store water for drier times. They are also a great spot for mosquitoes to complete their life cycle.  Check your rain barrel screen to be sure there are no tears, holes, or gaps where a small mosquito can enter to lay her eggs. Screens should be fine mesh, and all openings need to be covered to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

If you notice mosquito larvae in your rain barrel, you have a few options. You can fix the screen and securely cover any openings with fine mesh screening to prevent mosquitoes from entering and exiting. You can also place a 'mosquito dunk' in your barrel.  Mosquito dunks can be purchased at your local hardware/outdoor/garden store. These dunks contain Bti (Bacillus thuringensis israelis), a type of bacteria that specifically targets mosquito larvae. The Bti typically lasts about 1 month, so you will need to add a dunk each month until you are able to securely cover your barrel.  Bti will not harm people, pets and other animals, aquatic life, or other insects, including honeybees.

If you are not sure if little wiggly things in your rain barrel water are mosquito larvae, you can call us!  One of our certified technicians can stop by to check and help you with a custom solution for your rain barrel.  Your taxes pay for our services, so there is no charge for us to stop by to check.  You can fill out a service request HERE or give us a call at 650-344-8592.


We're Hiring!

Person with hat, protective eyewear, and gloves, leaning out the right side of a white Jeep.  The person is holding a long 'wand' used to treat a catch basin.  The side window of the Jeep has a picture of a black bird and some text about reporting dead birds to the California West Nile virus dead bird hotline.
Seasonal staff conduct mosquito control from our recognizable Jeeps.

Every summer, we hire several seasonal staff who are responsible for treating storm drains and catch basins throughout warmer months.  These staff are essential to controlling the mosquito species (Culex pipiens) most likely to spread West Nile virus in our county.  You may have seen previous years' staff in our recognizable white Jeeps.  If protecting public health is a job you'd like, consider applying for one of these positions HERE.

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