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November 2022 Newsletter

Invasive Aedes mosquito sighted in Bay Area

Mosquito on a white background.  The mosquito has an abdomen full of dark red blood.  The mosquito is mainly black, with some white stripes on its legs.
Aedes aegypti mosquitoes have black and white striped legs. They bite during the day.

You may have seen recent reports of the invasive yellow fever mosquito - Aedes aegypti - being found as close as Santa Clara CountySanta Cruz County, and Contra Costa County.  Our District does not currently have Aedes aegypti; however, given these recent sightings, we are increasing surveillance.  An important part of surveillance for this mosquito is...YOU!  Many districts learned about Aedes aegypti in their areas because of calls from residents about these annoying mosquitoes.  If you notice mosquitoes biting, particularly in the daytime, please report via our online form or by calling 650-344-8592 to submit a service request. One of our certified vector control technicians will check the area for water sources, set a mosquito trap, and determine how to stop the mosquitoes.

To learn more about Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, click here.


Cooler weather - be sure to rodent-proof your home!

A grey rat pokes its nose through a hole in cardboard
Rats can enter your home through holes and gaps - a rodent inspection by our technicians will identify these openings.

As you tighten up your home for colder winter weather, don't forget to also fill holes and gaps where rats and mice may enter. The District offers no-charge rodent inspections to help you with rodent-proofing your home. Our certified technicians can conduct a comprehensive exterior inspection and generate a custom report with details of how to keep rats and mice from entering your house. Learn about rodent prevention here. Fill out a service request here for a rodent inspection.

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