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January 2023 Newsletter

Flooding or standing water on your property? Keep mosquitoes in mind!

Photograph focused on a round tray partially filled with water. There are green leaves in the foreground.
Even small amounts of water can breed mosquitoes! Dump out all standing water.

We hope that you and your family are safe as we weather these historic rain storms.  Please keep in mind that mosquitoes can breed year-round, even when it is cool and rainy. Please check around your yard and home for any containers holding water - dump out standing water to prevent mosquito breeding. Check crawlspaces for standing water - water under a house can breed thousands of mosquitoes.

We're here to help! Please report water that continues to stand 2 weeks or longer after a storm, and always report mosquitoes. One of our certified vector control technicians will assess the water to determine if mosquitoes are breeding. Submit a report or service request using our online form or by calling 650-344-8592.

Tell a friend or neighbor

Red squirrel with long tufts of hair on ears, facing the camera with its mouth open, looking surprised
Your friend, shocked, when you tell them about all the great District services their tax dollars cover.

Friends and neighbors are the the most common way for residents to hear about the District and the services we offer.  Can you help us get the word out?  Consider forwarding this newsletter to someone who also lives in San Mateo County to let them know about the many services covered by their taxes.

If you have additional ideas on how to get the word out about the District, our Public Health Education and Outreach Officer would love to hear from you.  Always feel free to email her at or call 650-344-8592.


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