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2023 Service Requests

Person in black hat and tan shirt holding up a clear plastic bag with water and small fish
Vector Control Technician Justin prepared mosquitofish for a fishpond.

The total number of service requests this December are above the five year average for the month (169 compared to an average of 124). This is is because of a substantial increase in rodent and tick requests during December. Tick requests are higher than average because of a project involving residential yard tick inspections that has only been underway for only one year. As the District re-starts its checks for ticks in residential backyards, the number of tick-related service requests has started to increase, and will continue to increase over the next few months. Learn more HERE.

The“other” category included arthropod-related requests regarding mites, bees, gnats and ants.


Type of RequestDecember 2023December 5-year average (2019-2023)
Insect identification87
Dead birds75


 Page last reviewed: January 9, 2024

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