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2023 Service Requests

While total service requests this July were slightly below the five-year average for the month (480 requests compared to an average of 504), the total was well above average in August (797 requests compared to an average of 606). This shift was largely due to a delayed surge in yellowjacket requests, more than doubling in number between July and August, following a very quiet June for these type of requests.  Mosquito and rodent service requests have also remained higher than average in July and August.

The “other” category in July and August included insect-related requests regarding gnats, other flies, and bees, and also non-insect related requests involving mites and spiders.

The following table contains the number of each type of service request in August 2023 compared to the five-year average in August.

Type of RequestAugust 20235-year August average
Insect identification1712
Mosquito fish1015
Dead birds913

This graph shows the number of service requests by type per month  in 2023. 

May contain: bow, weapon, chart, and line chart
Service requests by type in 2023, year-to-date.

 Page last reviewed  September 12, 2023

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