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2022 Service Requests

The number of service requests this October is near average (287 compared to a five-year average of 272).  Despite a close to average total, requests concerning yellowjackets and wasps were much lower than average (84 compared to a five-year average of 118), as they have been all season. In contrast, mosquito requests are higher than usual for October (81 compared to a five-year average of 61) which corresponds with an increase of Culex pipiens mosquitoes in traps. Cx. pipiens is a domestic mosquito species that causes the majority of mosquito related service requests in San Mateo County. Rodent service requests remain fairly constant, as domestic rodents are present year-round. The “other” category included a variety of insect-related requests regarding cockroaches, fleas, bees, crane flies and other flies and non-insect requests concerning mites.

The following table contains the number of each type of service request in October 2022 compared to the five-year average in October.

Type of RequestOctober 20225-year October average
Insect identification1315
Mosquito fish99
Dead birds108

This graph shows the number of service requests by type in 2022. The largest categories, yellowjackets/wasps and mosquitoes, have begun a seasoal decline.

May contain: bow and weapon
Service requests by type in 2022. Yellowjacket and wasp requests remain the most abundant type of request. but have declined in autumn.


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