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2022 Service Requests

The total number of service requests this April was low compared to the five-year average (158 requests compared to an average of 241 requests). The lower-than-average total amount is mainly because of the low number of mosquito service requests (56 in 2022 compared to an average of 115). The unusually low abundance of Culex pipiens mosquitoes this April may have resulted in fewer mosquito service requests, as that species of mosquitoes generates the most service calls. Yellowjacket and wasp service requests increased most sharply from the previous month, as is expected when the temperature increases. The “other” category included a variety of requests regarding bees, ticks, mites, midges, flies, and cockroaches.

This table contains the number of each type of service request in April 2022 compared to the five-year average in April.

Type of RequestApril 20225-year April average
Mosquito fish1414
Insect identification107
Dead birds410

This graph shows the number of service requests by type in 2022. Most categories of service requests have had a seasonal increase in number, with the exception of mosquito-related requests.

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