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2022 Service Requests

Total service requests this June are low compared to the five-year average (330 requests compared to an average of 378 requests). The lower number is mainly because of fewer than typical yellowjacket/wasp and mosquito service requests. Despite lower than average numbers, yellowjacket and wasp service requests have risen sharply over the past month, which is expected in the summer. Mosquito requests have also climbed in number, although more gradually. The “other” category included a variety of insect-related requests regarding midges, cockroaches, fleas, bees, and flies and non-insect requests concerning ticks and mites.

This table contains the number of each type of service request in June 2022 compared to the five-year average in June.

Type of RequestJune 20225-year June average
Mosquito fish2718
Insect identification1514
Dead birds1018

This graph shows the number of service requests by type in 2022. Most categories of service requests have had a seasonal increase in number.

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