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2021 Service Requests

The total number of service requests is close to average for June (364 compared to an average of 377).

Yellowjacket and other wasp requests increased dramatically this past month, from 34 in May to 174 in June. Yellowjacket and wasp requests are common in the summer and will likely remain numerous until the weather cools in autumn.

The number of mosquito service requests remains lower than average, likely due to a low abundance of Culex pipiens, which usually prompts the most mosquito requests.

Dead bird requests are lower than average as well, in line with the slow start of  West Nile virus season statewide. West Nile virus was not detected in the San Francisco coastal region this year through the month of June.

The category of “other” included a variety of request types, such as honeybees and bumblebees, fleas and ticks.

Type of RequestJune 20215-year June average
Yellowjackets and wasps174151
Mosquito fish2914
Insect identification1214
Dead birds718

Data in chart form (including data from January through June 2021):

Line graph showing the number of service requests by type and month. Please contact the District if you would like the raw data.



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