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2021 Service Requests

The total number of service requests is below average for this month of the year (398 compared to an average of 503). This is the lowest number of service requests in the month of September in the past five years. The number of yellowjacket and other wasp requests declined from August to September, likely because of the seasonal change of cooler nights and shorter hours of daylight. However, yellowjacket calls remained the most frequent category of request throughout September. Mosquito requests are also below average but have been consistent in number since April.

The category of “other” included a variety of request types, such as flies, mites, ticks, fleas and cockroaches.

Type of RequestSeptember 20215-year September average
Yellowjackets and wasps198283
Mosquito fish712
Insect identification139
Dead birds89

Data in chart form (including data from January through September 2021):

Service requests, updated Oct 2021 - please contact or 650-344-8592 for the data



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