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School Programs

Age-appropriate curricula for students of all ages are presented by District staff.  Staff are currently available for outdoor in-person presentations, or for remote presentations (including remote field trips to visit our laboratory!).

A variety of materials are available for borrowing for in-class use for all ages and grade levels.  These materials include:

An assortment of bug-themed children's books and small bug toys
The Preschool Lending Library kit includes a variety of insect-themed books, manipulatives, and puzzles.
  • specialized aquaria to view the mosquito lifecycle in action,
  • picture books about insects and diversity in the field of entomology/field biology,
  • collections of picture-rich reference and field guides for classroom use,
  • and insect-themed puzzles and games for a fun and interactive learning experience.
A sign on the left says "Mosquito Life Cycle' on top.  In the middle of the sign, there are four circles that show the stages of the mosquito life cycle (adult, egg, larva, pupa). The bottom of the sign says "Mosquitoes need water to grow - dump the water to keep them from growing!".  On the right, there is a clear plastic aquarium.  The aquarium is about half filled with light green colored water. The water has little mosquito larva floating near the surface. A small lock keeps the aquarium closed.
A mosquito aquarium stays in the classroom for a few weeks so students can learn about the mosquito life cycle.

Curricula themes for older students can include: life cycles, ecology/environmental biology, chemistry, and informed consumerism.

To schedule a presentation, contact Public Health Education and Outreach Officer Rachel Curtis-Robles or call (650) 344-8592.

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