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Walter Bruj

Position: Vector Control Technician
Smiling person looking out of the window of a vehicle. The person has a tan hat and black vest, with a moustache and beard.

A Bay Area native, Walter began his career with the District in the spring of 2015 as a Vector Control Aide II working with the Aedes aegypti team. He was hired on as a permanent Vector Control Technician in October 2015.

Walter’s public sector background includes several years with the Alameda County Agriculture Pest Detection Program and as a park ranger with San Mateo County Parks. In the private sector he worked in video production/multi-media, and he has extensive marine-related experience.

He is a graduate of California State University Chico, where he received a bachelor’s degree in communications, with an option in instructional technology.  He enjoys working outdoors and being part of the District team, helping to protect public health and well-being in San Mateo County.

Walter enjoys nature, landscape photography, music, travel, and life in general.

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