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Tick Surveillance, Water Year 2022-2023

Tick Collections from parks, 2022-2023 Season (November 2022 through June 2023)

Laboratory staff collected Western black-legged ticks (Ixodes pacificus) from throughout the County. They also conducted an inspection at a local preschool where students reported encountering ticks in outdoor areas.

Ixodes pacificus ticks are being tested for the presence of Borrelia burgdorferi (the causative agent of Lyme disease), as well as Borrelia miyamotoi (the agent of hard-tick relapsing fever) and Anaplasma phagocytophilum (the agent of granulocytic anaplasmosis).

Photograph of a person squatting on the ground in the forest while looking closely at a white sheet of cloth.
Vector Ecologist Theresa Shelton checks a sampling flag for ticks. 


Tick Collections from parks and neighborhoods, 2022-2023 Season (November 2022 through June 2023)

Park/NeighborhoodNearest City/TownNumber of Ix. pacificus adultsNumber of Ix. pacificus nymphs
Edgewood County ParkRedwood City11655
Hidden Canyon ParkBelmont270
San Pedro Valley ParkPacifica196
Mori PointPacifica0
Memorial ParkPescadero39
Mills Canyon ParkBurlingame18
Milagra RidgePacifica17
Frontierland ParkPacifica245
Pescadero MarshPescadero300
Burleigh H. Murray RanchHalf Moon Bay39410
North HillsboroughHillsborough263
Portola RedwoodsLa Honda383
Portola Valley RanchPortola Valley409126
Sweeney RidgeSan Bruno29
Wunderlich ParkWoodside 45
Eaton ParkSan Carlos60
Windy HillPortola Valley 80

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