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Tick Surveillance for Water Year 2021-2022

Person in tan uniform walking away from the camera down a wooded trail. The person is holding out a stick that has a square white cloth about 3ft tall by 3ft wide on it.  The cloth is being dragged over the vegetation along the edge of the trail.

 During May, laboratory staff focused on surveillance of nymphal Ixodes pacificus, Western black-legged ticks. Tick nymphs are more difficult to collect than adults because they don’t quest on vegetation along trails. Instead, they are found on tree stumps, downed longs, rocks, and in leaf litter. Areas that were surveyed in May were Big Canyon Park in San Carlos, and Pescadero Marsh and Butano State Park in Pescadero.


Tick Collections from parks and neighborhoods 2021-2022 Nymph Collections YTD

ParkNearest City/TownNumber of Ix. pacificus
Eaton ParkSan Carlos16
Waterdog Lake ParkBelmont73
Hidden Canyon ParkBelmont111
Pescadero MarshPescadero2
Pulgas Ridge Open Space PreserveRedwood City68
Windy Hill Open Space PreserveWoodside94
Big Canyon Park San Carlos71


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