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Tick Check

Poster with the silhouette of a person's body, with arrows pointing to all the areas you should be sure to check for ticks: scalp, behind ears, back of neck, armpits, belly button, groin, and behind knees.

After outdoor activities in areas where there may be ticks, check yourself, your children, your pets, and your gear carefully for ticks.

Remember to check areas that cannot be easily seen, such as inside and around ears, on the scalp, and under arms.

Showering soon after being outdoors can help rinse away unattached ticks, and will allow you to check all areas of your body.

A medium-sized light brown dog lies on the floor while someone crouches next to the dog.  The person's hands are holding the dog's ear, as if the person is looking in the dog's ear to check for ticks.
Don't forget to check your pet! 
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