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Tick bite prevention kit

Photograph of various papers with words including: tick-bite prevention, insect repellent, common ticks of California, tick-bite prevention kit. A pair of orange tweezers, a yellow device for removing ticks, and two packets of insect repellent wipes.

Do you live in San Mateo County?

Do you spend time outdoors in areas where ticks are present?

Would you like a FREE tick bite prevention kit?


Tick bite prevention kits include: information about preventing tick bites and choosing safe, effective repellent options, a pair of fine-tipped tweezers, a tick removal device, a card showing photos and information about common ticks in California, and samples of tick repellent options. 


*Once you submit the form, it may take a few to several weeks for your kit to be delivered.  Thanks for your patience!


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One tick kit per address, please. If you need more than one tick kit, please email

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