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March 2024 Newsletter

City of San Mateo Board member vacancy

Do you live in the City of San Mateo?  Would you be interested in serving on our District's Board of Trustees?  There is currently an opening for a board trustee from the City of San Mateo. There are 21 board members from throughout the County; the current vacancy is specifically for a registered voter from the City of San Mateo.

The Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month, at 6pm at the District office at 1351 Rollins Rd, Burlingame. If you'd like to help shape policy, financial responsibility, and government transparency, visit the City's webpage to learn more about becoming a board member:

Photograph of a small brown tick on a blade of grass
Adult western black-legged ticks wait on vegetation like tall grass - they do not fly or jump.

Prevent tick bites

We are in the middle of the peak season for adult western black-legged ticks to be 'questing' for a blood meal.  If you hike or spend time outside in grassy or wooded areas, protect yourself and your family from ticks by following a few simple steps. Learn more HERE.

Photograph focused on a round tray partially filled with water. There are green leaves in the foreground.
Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to breed. Dumping standing water will help keep mosquitoes from breeding in your yard!

Dump standing water to prevent mosquito breeding

Mosquitoes can breed year-round, even in cooler weather!  While their life cycle may take longer in cooler weather, they are still around and growing in a variety of water sources. Our staff have been finding mosquito larvae in backyard sources throughout the County. All the rain might have you staying inside a bit more, but don't forget to check for and dump out any standing water where mosquitoes might be breeding! 

Staff visit Capitol

Each year we participate in MVCAC's 'Legislative Day' at the State Capitol.  In February, District Manager Brian Weber and Public Health Education and Outreach Officer Rachel Curtis-Robles visited Sacramento to meet with staff of five local legislators to educate them about key mosquito and vector control issues including:

A selfie of two people with the Sacramento Capitol building and trees in the background. One person has a dark blue jacket on, the other person has a white shirt and striped tie on.
Brian and Rachel visited Sacramento to talk with legislative staff.
  • Last year, mosquito activity was intense, and public health threats continue to grow throughout California.
  • Climate change is creating weather patterns that intensify the spread of invasive mosquitoes.
  • Water retention in utility vaults promotes the development of mosquitoes.
  • Mosquito control experts need new innovative technologies to augment traditional control efforts.
  • CalSurv, the statewide surveillance database housed at UC Davis, continues to be an essential tool in fighting vector-borne diseases.

Learn more about our work with MVCAC HERE

District tours

Would you like to learn more about mosquito and vector control in San Mateo County? Sign up for a tour of our facilities in Burlingame.  Learn more HERE.

District 2024 Open House

Please hold the date June 15, 2024 to visit us during our Open House. The Open House will be held at our facilities at 1351 Rollins Rd, Burlingame. More information to come!

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