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Swarming bees are not aggressive, and will move on if left undisturbed.

Bees are sometimes mistaken for yellowjackets or wasps. Both can be yellow in color (though not all species are), but yellowjackets and wasps have shiny bodies while bees are fuzzy or hairy.

Like yellowjackets, bees may sting if provoked or when defending their hive. However, each individual bee can only sting once, while a yellowjacket may sting many times.

Both bees and some species of yellowjackets build nests above ground, but only yellowjackets build nests underground. Yellowjackets do not produce honey.

Bees may be seen swarming when they are in search of a new home. During this time they are not aggressive, and will often move on if left undisturbed. The District does not remove bee swarms or hives.

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