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2024 Service Requests

A person in work attire inspecting an underground area accessed through an open manhole cover.
Vector Control Technician Devon checks a utility vault for mosquito larvae while responding to a report of biting mosquitoes in the area.

The total number of service requests were higher this March than the five-year average (205 requests compared to an average of 143 requests). All categories are above or at average for the month. Mosquito service requests were the most numerous, perhaps because of some warm sunny days with intermittent rainy weather, which brought people and mosquitoes into contact. Rodent service-related requests have been dropping since a winter peak, which is typical. Tick-related requests also declined as the District concluded for the season a study of adult ticks in residential yards.

The “other” category included insect-related requests regarding crane flies and several concerning bees.


Type of RequestMarch  2024March 5-year average (2020-2024)
Insect identification3118
Dead birds88


This graph shows the number of service requests of each category from each month of 2024.




Page last reviewed: April 4, 2024

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