Report Suspected Invasive Aedes Sightings


Report Suspected Invasive Aedes Sightings

Signs that invasive Aedes may be present in your area include:

  • small, dark-colored mosquitoes with white banded legs
  • mosquitoes with white stripes on the thorax (body)
  • mosquitoes that bite during the day, especially in urban areas
  • mosquitoes that bite indoors

If you believe you have seen invasive Aedes mosquitoes in San Mateo County, please call (650) 344-8592 or make a service request at Select insect identification if you have a mosquito sample available; otherwise, select mosquito service and we will set traps.

Mosquito (and other insect) photos can be sent to for identification, but please be aware that it is not always possible to identify insects from photos. Please retain the mosquito sample for physical identification if at all possible.