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When you return from your trip, you can’t forget about mosquito-borne illnesses just yet!

May contain: person and human

Many people who are infected with mosquito-borne illnesses don’t feel sick, but can still pass their infections on to mosquitoes that bite them. Others may feel fine while traveling, but start to feel sick after they return home. If you’ve been to an area with active transmission of a mosquito-borne disease, you should take steps to avoid mosquito bites for up to 3 weeks after you return home – even if you don’t feel sick:

  • use an EPA-registered mosquito repellent
  • keep doors and windows closed or tightly screened
  • cover up with long sleeves, long pants, socks, and closed shoes when mosquitoes are biting
  • take steps to reduce mosquito populations around your home

If you’ve been in an area with Zika virus transmission, you should also take steps to prevent transmission to any sexual partners.

If you begin to feel sick or believe you have a mosquito-borne illness, see a healthcare provider. Be sure to tell them about your or your sexual partner’s recent travel, including:

  • when you traveled
  • where you traveled
  • whether you noticed any mosquito  bites or mosquito activity
  • steps you took to prevent mosquito bites
  • when you began to feel sick
  • whether you are pregnant or thinking about conceiving
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