Spiders: Not So Creepy After All

Unlike mosquitoes, which feed on humans and seek them out, spiders have no interest in biting you, and will only do so if they are being crushed or otherwise threatened. Small spiders are unable to break the skin, but even the bites of larger spiders are largely harmless. In fact, most ’spider bites’ turn out to be something other than a bite - such as a serious bacterial infection or even skin cancer!

If spiders are bugging you indoors, the easiest solution is to simply move them outside. You can do this with a container and a piece of cardboard, or use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up and empty the bag outside. To keep spiders from coming indoors, keep your home sealed up tightly, including using window screens and filling small cracks. It may also help to clear vegetation and other debris from around the foundation of your home, making it less likely that spiders will take up residence on the outside walls. Insecticides are rarely needed.

More information on common local spiders is available from the UC IPM program website.​