Service Request Information and Instructions

San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District prides itself on providing the highest quality of service to county residents. Click on any of our services below to learn more about how we can help. Please be prepared to include the required information when you request service.

Invasive Aedes Reports

If you have a mosquito sample available, please select insect ID. Let us know when and where you collected the sample (indoors/outdoors, address, time of day, etc.). You can drop the sample off at our office anytime we’re open, or we will send a technician to pick it up.

You are welcome to take and submit a photo of the mosquito, but please be aware that mosquitoes are very difficult to identify from photos, especially if they are taken at the wrong angle, in low light, etc. Here are some tips for capturing more detail. Even with a great photo, we may still need to see the mosquito to identify it.

If you do NOT have a mosquito sample available, please select mosquito service. We can set a mosquito trap at your location to see what mosquito species are present. You do not need to be home for us to set a mosquito trap at your home, but please let us know if there are locked gates, dogs in the backyard, or anything else that will limit our access to the property.

Problems with Mosquitoes

  • Name, street address, nearest cross street, zip code, and day-time phone number
  • Time of day you are having the problem
  • Is the problem inside or outside?
  • Can you provide us with a sample of mosquito? (Intact, can be dead or alive. A baggie attached to your front door will suffice.)

You do not need to be home in order to have your property surveyed or treated for mosquitoes. Please indicate if there are any obstacles such as locked gates, dogs, etc. which could prevent access to your property.

See more information on mosquito-related services.

Ground Nesting Yellowjackets

  • Name, street address, nearest cross street, zip code, and day-time phone number
  • Exact location of nest. Marking it with a flag, shovel, or a map of the location is often helpful if you are not home at the time of service.
  • Accessibility to the nest

Our District only provides service for ground nesting yellowjackets. Aerial nesting yellowjackets and wasps are beneficial insects (wasps eat live insects); therefore, they are not considered a nuisance and do not warrant control. We cannot provide services for yellowjackets within structures.

See more information on yellowjackets and related insects.

Request Mosquito Fish for your Backyard Pond or Water Garden

  • Name, street address, nearest cross street, zip code, and day-time phone number
  • Size of your fishpond(s)
  • Has your pond water been treated for chloramine?
    • Chloramine is an additive in our tap water system that is toxic to fish and reptiles. Unlike chlorine, chloramine does not evaporate through time and therefore must be removed before it can be a habitable environment for fish. Before requesting a mosquito fish delivery, please make sure your pond has been treated and the chloramine removed. Chloramine treatment kits can be found at aquarium or pet supply stores.

Mosquito fish can be delivered to any resident of San Mateo County. In most cases, deliveries can be made as early as the next business day. For those residents outside of San Mateo County, mosquito fish can be picked up at our office during our office hours of 8:00 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. When picking up fish, please call ahead to check our supply and bring a bucket or a container to put the fish into.

If you do not need your mosquito fish anymore, DO NOT release the fish into creeks or any other natural water sources. It is against California Department of Fish and Game regulations for private citizens to place mosquito fish in waters of the state. Please give us a call at (650) 344-8592 so we can pick up any unwanted mosquito fish.

See more information on mosquito fish.

Tick Identification and Surveillance

  • Name, street address, nearest cross-street, zip code, and day-time phone number
  • Location of where specimen was found or most likely to have had contact
  • Duration between tick contact and when tick was removed from skin (if you were bitten)

Any tick can be brought into our lab and identified. The specimen must be alive and kept in a plastic bag with a moist paper towel to keep the specimen moist. We do annual tick collection and testing on popular hiking trails throughout San Mateo County.

See more information on ticks.

Insect Identifications

Any undamaged specimen can be brought into our office and identified. Information about where the specimen was found is helpful.

See more information on insect identification.


Bees are generally non-aggressive toward humans unless their nest is disturbed. If you find a nest and want it removed, please contact San Mateo County Beekeeper’s Guild at (650) 365-5548. San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District does not provide removal or abatement services for bees.

Dead Birds

Dead birds are collected and tested for West Nile virus by the state. To report a dead bird , please call (877) WNV-BIRD [968-2473] or visit the California West Nile Virus website.

See more information on dead birds and West Nile virus.


  • Name, street address, nearest cross street, zip code, and day-time phone number
  • Where are you seeing or hearing rodents or evidence of rodents?
  • Are the rats or mice getting inside your house, or are you only seeing them outside?

After submitting your request for service, a Vector Control Technician will contact you to arrange for an appointment time. The technician will conduct an inspection of the exterior of your home and your property and make recommendations for rodent exclusion and control measures, as well as what you can do to make your yard less attractive to rats and mice.