Job Posting: District Manager

The San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District seeks a seasoned professional public sector manager to become its next District Manager. The ideal candidate will be experienced in mosquito and vector control programs, preferably with increasing responsibility in the field combined with a relevant degree in biology, entomology, public health, or a related field. This experience will be complemented with demonstrable management skills in communication, motivation, delegation, data analytics and reporting, and public finance. The successful candidate will: be charismatic, open, and approachable; easily adjust their communication style based on the audience (such as board, staff, local officials, industry groups, or legislators); and have the capacity to manage large boards and committees comprised of individuals with a variety of competing opinions.

Some additional criteria identified as providing value include:

» Being a motivated public servant who is passionate in preserving the public’s health through a rigorous and comprehensive mosquito and vector control program.

» Being a collaborative person who is willing to trust the staff, learn from others, and be open to feedback.

»  Being a solution-oriented strategic thinker.

» Being proactive with a vision for the future and an ability to develop that vision into implementable long- and short-term plans.