Go Away, Gophers!

Rats aren’t the only rodent pests Recently our district received a gopher service request from a homeowner in Pacifica looking for advice on how to eliminate them from their property. During the inspection, Vector Control Technician Ryan Thorndike identified multiple gopher burrows on the caller’s front lawn. This gopher problem is affecting the whole neighborhood and the local park nearby.

Gopher problems are especially common in spring, but these rodents don’t hibernate and may be active all year. Gopher tunnels are identified by the mounds of loose dirt that have a plugged hole next to each mound. A single gopher can damage a garden in a short period, and gopher gnawing can damage irrigation lines and sprinkler systems. Early detection is critical to prevent damage.

If you’re having trouble with gophers, don’t bother with electronic or chemical repellents – these haven’t been proven effective and are unlikely to discourage gophers from moving into your property. Instead, try these safe and effective gopher management tips from the UC IPM Program, including using wire mesh to protect plants and reducing the gopher population with traps.