Farewell to Invasive Aedes Seasonal Technician Enger German

This summer the laboratory has been assisted by Enger German, who conducted most of the surveillance for invasive Aedes mosquitoes this season. Enger has a master’s degree in Entomology, and experience in insect monitoring, especially in Florida. The District hired Enger for the season using grant funding from Public Health Foundations Enterprises, Inc. on behalf of the California Department of Public Health.

Enger responded to local travel-related cases of mosquito-borne diseases by surveying for invasive Aedes with BG-Sentinel traps and ovicups in the surrounding neighborhood. He also checked AGO traps in Menlo Park for adult mosquitoes and ovicups in nurseries, cemeteries and other potential invasive Aedes breeding sites throughout San Mateo County. The District was fortunate not to find any invasive Aedes this summer, and thanks to Enger’s extensive surveillance we have greater confidence that these dangerous mosquitoes are not present in our County.