Eliminate Standing Water Where Mosquitoes Breed

The best thing any resident can do to prevent mosquitoes is to eliminate standing water. There are many common places around your own home that can hold standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Here are some tips on how to find and eliminate standing water.

Mosquito Sources What You Can Do to Reduce Mosquitoes
Fish Ponds, Fountains, and Waterfalls
  • Stock with mosquito fish
  • Remove excess vegetation
  • Run fountains and waterfalls to keep water moving
Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Keep water covered during non-usage periods
  • Chlorinate
  • Use filter regularly
Wading/Kiddie Pools
  • Drain water when not in use
  • If water must remain in pool, cover pool
  • Empty water
  • Turn over or dispose
  • Cover
Bird Baths
  • Change water at least once a week
Standing Water
  • Eliminate by draining
  • Fill in impounds
Water Troughs
  • Stock with fish
  • Change water weekly
Street Gutters or Catch Basin
  • Do not dispose of litter or debris in gutter or catch basins
  • Do not over-water lawn
Water under Homes
  • Keep sump pumps and plumbing under the home in good repair
  • Prevent water from collecting under your house
Pet Watering Bowls
  • Change water twice a week
Roof Gutters
  • Clean once a year to remove debris
Tree Holes
  • Fill hole with sand or mortar
  • Contact a tree surgeon
Irrigated Lawns or Fields
  • Avoid over irrigation
  • Drain standing water
Septic Systems
  • Seal the septic tank.
  • Repair cracks or gaps in the exterior walls of the septic tank using cement.
  • Cover ventilation pipes with a screen mesh, repair broken pipes, and seal at the joints.
  • Fill abandoned or unused septic tanks with dirt or gravel.