Post Megan Sebay

Coyotes Cause Concern

As coyotes become an increasingly common sight in urban and suburban neighborhoods, some residents have become concerned. Although coyotes are naturally shy and elusive, they’re also smart. Individual coyotes can learn by experience, and unfortunately the lessons many residents are teaching them are ones that will get them into trouble.

The best way to help keep coyotes, pets, and people safe is to make sure coyotes don’t have access to garbage, pet food, or any other tempting treats. Keep garbage in closed containers, feed pets indoors, and harvest ripe fruit promptly. Don’t leave pets outdoors unsupervised. If you have a rodent infestation, address it promptly; rats and mice are part of coyotes’ natural diet, but it’s better if they find their meals somewhere other than your backyard.

When human carelessness causes coyotes and other wildlife to become too bold, the animals are the ones who pay the price. Nuisance wildlife may have to be trapped and euthanized to protect human health and safety. Read more about coyotes in San Mateo County.