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May 2023 Newsletter

A midge looks very similar to a mosquito. This is a top-down view of a midge, which shows six long legs, a long thin dark body, two light colored wings, and two very fuzzy-looking antennae

A Special Note About Midges

We have been receiving numerous calls from residents of Foster City, Redwood Shores, and eastern San Mateo. Swarms of non-biting midges are being mistaken for mosquitoes and causing concern. Luckily, although midges are annoying, these midges do not bite. The District does not control non-biting midges because they do not pose a threat to public health. Sometimes there are also mosquitoes in an area, and so if you are being bitten, please report to the District so that we can follow-up with mosquito trapping and searching for mosquito breeding sources.

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