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March 2021 Service Requests

Although mosquito service requests were the most numerous category (40 requests), they were less than half the average for March (86 requests), probably because of the dry winter.

Both rodent and yellowjacket/wasp service requests increased greatly in number since February. It is typical for these two categories of requests to rise in warmer months, although there substantially were more this March than the five-year average.

Dead bird calls decreased considerably since a peak in January, as the Salmonella outbreak among pine siskins became less severe.

Type of RequestMarch 20215-year March average
Yellowjackets and wasps3419
Mosquito fish97
Insect identification910
Dead birds88

Data in chart form (including data from January through April 2021):

Line graph showing the numbers of service requests by category
Number of service requests by category, by month in 2021
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