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You bought your plane tickets, booked your flights, and packed your suitcase. But did you prepare for the risks of mosquito-borne illnesses at your destination?

Before you travel to areas with active transmission of mosquito-borne illnesses, talk to your healthcare provider to see if there’s anything you should do to protect your health. You can also visit the CDC’s travel health website ( to see whether there are any advisories for your destination.

When booking a place to stay, you may want to choose hotels that have air-conditioning or window screens. If you’ll be staying somewhere that doesn’t, you should take a bed net to protect against mosquito bites at night.

Don’t forget to pack long pants, long sleeves, socks, and closed shoes to protect against mosquito bites. You should also pack your favorite EPA-registered mosquito repellent – it may be difficult to find or very expensive at your destination.

Then, relax and have a great trip!

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