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Seasonal Catchbasin Program Continues

Our seasonal catch basin program has been up and running since mid-April. Our first seasonal employee started on April 20th. Currently we have six seasonal catch basin drivers working from East Palo Alto to Daly City. On an average day, one driver can treat anywhere between 400 and 800 catch basins. Basins are treated with BVA-2, a material similar to mineral oil which coats the surface of the water and prevents mosquito larvae in the water from breathing. The material dissipates after a few days. In May, our staff sprayed 37,821 catch basins. Using the MapVision mobile App, the staff can see their own location, along with that of each catch basin as they drive. This has greatly increased the staffs’ efficiency and accuracy.
Our seasonal staff has been doing a great job of adhering to the District’s social distancing guidelines, as they work out of the building we are leasing at 1323 Rollins Road.