Blog post Megan Sebay

Salt Marsh Mosquitoes Emerge Unexpectedly

The recent king tide, in combination with warm weather, has allowed an unexpectedly large number of summer salt marsh mosquitoes (Aedes dorsalis) to emerge in areas of the bay adjacent to Foster City, San Mateo, and Redwood Shores. These mosquitoes bite during the day and can be a major nuisance, but fortunately are not a major vector of mosquito-borne disease.

Technicians are currently working to control the emergence of these salt marsh mosquitoes, but it is likely residents of these areas will notice more mosquitoes than usual in the coming days. Residents may want to consider wearing an EPA-approved insect repellent and/or long sleeves and pants while spending time outdoors in these areas.

Residents are always welcome to call the District office at (650) 344-8592 for more information, or email us at