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Midges Annoy But Don’t Bite

During spring, the District sometimes gets reports of flying insect swarms. These insects look a lot like mosquitoes, but are actually a different type of insect: midges.

The good news is that these midges don’t bite, don’t carry any diseases, and are harmless to humans. The bad news is that, as many of you have already found out, they can be really annoying! They’re often seen in large swarms, and may gather around outdoor lights or on the sides of buildings.

There isn’t an easy way to get rid of the midges, but as everything dries up this spring you should see fewer and fewer of them. In the meantime, you may be able to get some relief by turning off outdoor lights, especially those close to doors and windows. You should also keep your doors and windows screened or closed to keep midges from coming into your home. Bug zappers (blacklight traps) will attract and kill midges, but might end up making things worse by attracting additional midges to the area.

However, if you notice that you’re being bitten, please give us a call! You may also have mosquitoes in your area, and that’s a problem we can help with. Let us know where you’re experiencing mosquito bites, and we’ll send a technician to check out the area for any mosquito breeding sources.