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April 2021 Service Requests

The total number of service requests the District responded to in April (250 requests) was very close to the five year April average (255 requests).

The number of mosquito service requests increased substantially during the month of April compared to previous months in 2021, although the total remained below the five-year average.

Both rodent and yellowjacket/wasp service requests were higher than average this April.

Dead bird calls were unusually low this April. West Nile virus has not yet been detected in California in 2021, so residents have likely not had reminders of reporting dead birds from media sources.

The category of “other” included a variety of request types, such as bees, ticks, mites, crane flies and other flies.

Type of RequestApril 20215-year April average
Yellowjackets and wasps4838
Mosquito fish2315
Insect identification116
Dead birds313

Data in chart form (including data from January through April 2021):

Number of service requests by category, by month in 2021



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